What is Art*o*mat®?

What is Art*o*mat®? Created by Clark Whittington in 1997, Art*o*mat® machines are retired cigarette machines that have been converted to VEND ART! For only $5 you can collect paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, jewelry, glass, mixed media and more -all the size of a pack of cigarettes. There are over 100 active machines in various locations throughout the country. Victoria Brown (that's me), and El Centro de Santa Fe are proud to host the first machine in New Mexico which debuted in February 2013. There are now 8 machines in northern New Mexico (Santa Fe and Albuquerque area). @ARToMatNM on Facebook/Instagram

Friday, August 29, 2014

"CaveMAT" Gets a Visit From First Santa Fe Artist, Kenny Goering

The first Santa Fe Art*o*mat® artist, Kenny Goering, with "CaveMAT."
Today I received a lovely email from the very first Santa Fe artist to participate in the Art*o*mat® program: Kenny Goering. She has been a participating Artist In Cellophane for many years and is  shown here proudly standing next to the new "CaveMAT" machine in the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.  Her artwork is in the machine now so hurry up and get some of her abstract art on paper before it's gone!  She remarked that she looooves the paint job on "CaveMAT!" Thanks, Kenny, and keep up the good work! Hey artists: Kenny's husband customizes her wood blocks for her art and will make them for you (so you can save on shipping). Contact me, Victoria, and I'll connect you.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Art*o*mat® Article in Santa Fean NOW magazine!

Yay! An article about Art*o*mat® in the Santa Fean NOW!
I am pleased to announce that today Art*o*mat® was mentioned in an article in the new weekly events calendar magazine, Santa Fean NOW.  The article describes the project, announces the second location for my "CaveMAT" machine, mentions local participating artists, and invites more to join.  Let's hope lots of artists and art-lovers alike see the article and want to take part in the fun! You can read the article HERE.